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  • Please correct me if I’ve posted to the wrong forum. This wordpress website site called “” has double posted our family and refuses to respond to us apart from hiring a lawyer i’ve tried for over a year to contact their crappy site. had posted a deadbeat parent over a year ago and the situation is now resolved asked them to please take down the submission. no response, nada!

    They censor complaints on their site from people wanting to remove their submissions. It said a submission can be removed when i posted.
    They do not respond and we are desperate! It is affecting our children, our family trying to work things out and our family business.

    These website owners have never once given any response.

    Can WordPress help?

    Whois supplies no real contact info.

    Both my child and i have gotten anonymous threats concerning this post. There needs to be a way to contact never responds!

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  • WordPress cannot help unfortunately.

    WordPress (or volunteers who make up WordPress rather) simply make software. That software is then used for whatever it is used for.

    There is no connection between WordPress sites, and no way to affect those sites for the WordPress folks.

    Your main contact options are email which you’ve already tried, a lawyer, and you can possibly appeal to the company that hosts the site. They may take action depending on their terms of service, etc.

    Seems to provide the only available info on that domain – which appears to be hosted at 1&1 (apologies, I didn’t see that you had used whois – you are right, it’s a private domain, your best hope is to appeal to the host and see if you can get any action that way)

    Good luck!

    As Rev. Voodoo says contact the web host and make a formal complaint.

    If the site was based in the UK it could be closed down due to breach of the Data Protection Act. If the US has similar laws concerning the posting of Personally Identifiable Data online without the persons permission, then you may be in a position to seek damages and have the content removed, and/or the site closed down.

    I would also head over to Web of Trust ( and ask the members if they could look at the site and provide their rating. From first glance of the site, I am sure it would be given a red rating, which would then help warn other people away from the site.

    I can understand the ethos behind the site, but without any follow-up to posted content or what appears to be lack of verification, then the site appears to be a very dangerous and misguided site, which is wide open to abuse and exploited for revenge tactics by disgruntled ex’s.

    Contact the web host making a formal complaint, and I would consider seeking legal damages since your life has been threatened. Contacting the police may be another option if you have recieved threats due to the site.

    @maria808 I hope you don’t mind but I’ve posted details of this thread on the WOT forum (

    The site is being viewed as unethical so is being downrated. You may want to check the thread as someone has discovered who the site owner is and their contact details.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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