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    Hi, I was looking at BPS about a year ago and ended up going with something else at the time. I’m probably going to be moving away from that soon for various reasons and was hoping to get a little help deciding what to transition into.

    I’m going to go with either Better WP Security, BPS, or BPS Pro.

    1) I was on the BPS website and I noticed it says the newest versions of BPS and BPS Pro will feature login security. Is that a feature similar to Limit Login attempts, so that we don’t need a separate login security plugin anymore?

    2) I saw BPS Pro has a firewall. I thought that the .htaccess rules kind of acted as a firewall too? Is that thinking wrong and is an additional firewall necessary?

    3) I’m going to have Backup Buddy as well and I saw there is a resolved conflict in BPS Pro. Does the fix have to be applied manually, or is it automatic. If it must be applied manually, do you help clients with applying fixes? I read the fix description and it looks like hieroglyphics to me.

    4) After trying to go through as much documentation as I could understand, it seems to me like BPS is more of an active prevention plugin and BWPS is mostly a security through obscurity plugin with some extras like file monitoring and login security included. Would you say this is true, or am I wrong?

    5) WordPress seems to be getting more secure with each update. Is having a bunch of extra security stuff from plugins (aside from blocking brute force login attacks) really even necessary anymore?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Plugin Author AITpro


    1. Yes, it will be a Login Protection feature. We need to get a jQuery new code release/update out for WP 3.6 first though.

    2. BPS does act like a firewall, but is not a true firewall. The Plugin Firewall in BPS Pro is a true Firewall.

    3. There are couple of very minor issues with BackupBuddy. The issues and solutions are posted in the Forum and are so simple to apply anybody can do it, but yes we do offer free technical support.

    4. Yes, you are correct in your comparison of BPS and BWPS. The advantage that BWPS currently has over BPS is that BWPS has Login Protection. You cannot really compare BWPS to BPS Pro.

    5. Yep WordPress is a fortress right out of the box. I’ll share a personal experience and let you decide for yourself.

    I logged into a client’s site. The site was hacked. I accidentally had an FTP connection open to my website. The hacker grabbed my FTP password and started uploading nasty hacker Shell scripts. I get several automated emails that my site was under attack and files were being AutoRestored and Quarantined. In the 5 minutes it took me to change my FTP password over 300 file uploads were made – all of the hacker’s files were quarantined and the hack was not successful/stopped. The only plugin in the World that I know of that is capable of saving my a$$ from such a dumb mistake like that is BPS Pro. 😉

    Several other people have reported similar experiences. FTP passwords were cracked – ARQ notified them immediately that their sites were under attack and files were being quarantined. None of those sites were successfully hacked since ARQ successfully stopped the hack until they could change their FTP passwords.

    Well, that’s pretty amazing that BPS Pro provides protection from people hacking into the site via FTP. I didn’t think any plugin would be able to counter attacks that weren’t coming against WordPress itself, especially when they already have your FTP login.

    I think I’ll probably end up just switching over in a few days. My main concern was that I get very busy and don’t always have a whole day to try to setup and troubleshoot a new plugin, especially one who’s functions are 99% outside my understanding.

    But knowing that there is great support there to assist should be enough.

    Thanks again for the help. You Rock!

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