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  • jordanriverproductions


    Greetings all! I need help selecting a plugin to allow better integration of my podcast into my web page.

    I’m sick of libsyn’s embedded players! So many functions don’t work, but I want to replace it with something similar.

    I’m looking for something that will allow me to:
    -create embedded show player from an RSS feed and easily select which content will and will not be displayed in each playlist

    -be able to limit maximum number of items in a playlist

    -user friendly on desktop and mobile

    -ideally includes podcast episode descriptions

    I am new to wordpress and have a developer I’m working with, but was looking for advice/direction on a solid plugin- or really any options that can replace the libsyn embed code player?

    Even though I’m working from one feed, would a plugin like wp RSS aggregator be able to do these tasks?

    Any input is welcome, I’d like to not switch podcast hosting unless absolutely necessary.

    Thanks in advance!

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