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  1. ilovevegan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am currently attempting to do this with my site - URL is http://www.ilovevegan.com

    from the Menu Bar, click on Recipes - There, I want to show/link to each of the smaller categories which are also under the "Recipe" menu button, with a picture/title for each that links through to it's respective gallery. (I would also want to be able to go directly to those galleries via dropdown menu - Breakfast, Lunch&Dinner, Baking, Beverages, Seasonal, if someone wants to go directly to that page.

    So, I currently have it set up so that clicking Recipes on the menu bar leads to a Gallery, as you can see. This gallery contains pictures for each category I want to link further to, Breakfast, Lunch&Dinner, etc.. I then want another "gallery" type page with a static image/title for each category, like after clicking Breakfast I may have Oatmeal, Toast, etc

    Then, when you click "oatmeal" it should bring you to a list of recipes that fit that category - like I'll put my new Oatmeal recipes under Oatmeal - each recipe should show up as a post? which leads to the actual recipe itself.

    Am I on the right track here? I really apologize for my cluelessness here. I don't know if this is set up properly, or if it's possible. Thank-you for any input you have.

  2. ilovevegan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Solved. Thanks please delete thread!

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