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  • Hello,

    I had a plugin that allowed me to list a category in a dropdown menu in my sidebar, and display a fixed number of post links and with their dates. Then I uninstalled a group of plugins due to a problem one, and now I can’t figure out which plugin did it. Does anyone know which one does that?

    My sidebar currently displays the category I want, but it only lists 5 posts, and no dates. I would like it to drop down, list 12 posts with dates, and exclude the most recent. (I don’t know where the “5” came from and I’ve changed every possible setting.) If I can’t get the dropdown feature that would be okay, but the rest is most important.

    Below is the php code from my sidebar category box. Can anyone tell me what to change in it to achieve the things I want? (Manually changing the code might be better anyhow, because the dynamic widgets present a styling problem; I cannot figure out how to put the first 6 lines of the code around the individual dynamic widgets.)

    Thank you very much in advance:

    <div class=”sidebox clearingfix”>

      <div class=”sidebox-heading”>
      <h2>Press Releases</h2>


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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