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  • had not checked my blog in a few days and when I went to check it……I found out that it was hacked into

    does anyone have any suggestions on how I would help repair my files from the attack. This is what appears on my web site:

    .:[x] Hacked by Kill_Tech #HackerMalaysia @dal.Net [x]:. Tq biase

    I’ve never had this problem before and I’m not sure how to proceed… please help

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Tell your host.
    Change every password you use.

    Did you have any backups ?

    . Thank you for the info.. unfortunately I do not have any backups….do you think that wordpress was hacked into…or just my web site. I going to contact my host now and see what steps to take next

    everything in my dashboard panel seems to be intact. All my pages and posts are still there, but my index file is corrupted. Is there a way to save all my posts and pages and then reinstall were press? Do you have an idea of what step to take in order to rectify the situation? Thank you again for all your help—it is very much appreciated

    Moderator James Huff


    If you are running a WordPress version that is older than v1.5.2, then I would probably say “yes”, but there are no known security vulnerabilities with v1.5.2 at this time.

    You have to remember that the affected program is not always the point of entry. For example, if you are on a cPanel-based hosting using WordPress, then the exploited entry point could have been WordPress (though there are no known vulnerabilities in v1.5.2 at this time), cPanel, AWStats, FTP, or even Apache itself.

    Moderator James Huff


    Chaz, just replace the corrupted index file with a fresh one from a new WordPress download.

    MacMan, I am using Word press version 1.5 .1—that can be where the vulnerability lies. Would you suggest that I reinstall a new version of Word press. Instead of just replacing the index file. My greatest worry is to mess up my themes and past pages and posts.
    Thank you for your kind and true wisdom
    many blessings… I kind of freaked out for a little bit

    Go ahead and replace the index file then do your backups. Next be sure and upgrade.

    which index file should I replace? Index file in the admin?

    I suspect it is the root index file.

    thank you everyone for your help, I got it all fixed.

    hey guys… I’ve updated my web site to the latest version of Word press. However my web site still got hacked into again — I think that the particular hacker is targeting me.r there any other known security flaws in the current Word press install? It is strange because I’ve change both my password and upgraded software. It is sad that someone waste their time trying to destroy others work….but for some reason I believe that even this thread is looked at by my hacker after doing a Google search. Any suggestions on how to fix this particular problem?

    “Hey Admin, Please Patch Ur Server. [x] *** Using : FreeBSD cgi1 4.10-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE #0”

    The above message suggests it is a server vulnerability and not WP; you’ll need to get in contact with your webhost and ask them to investigate further.

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