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  • The links on our website have stopped working… it is making our website unusable! I am not an I.T. person and don’t know how to fix it. No idea how the happened. I was posting a blog story 2/26. It posted fine, but when I checked the story to make sure the links worked fine, I discovered the links were not working site-wide. I am able to click the link on the menu and it does take me to the sub menu with listings of all of our blog posts and pages. But when I click on an individual blog post, or page, it takes me to a blank page.

    The only thing I did that even remotely could have anything to do with the problem was when I removed one item from the menu “travel ideas” because it had a link to a google map that was no longer working. I don’t believe removing that one menu item would cause problems.

    Can anyone help me? I don’t understand coding language, so you’d have to have very simple instructions for me to follow.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi,

    Can you please provide a specific example? I couldn’t find any problems while randomly checking your site.

    Could you possibly switch themes for a bit to a default theme like Twenty Seventeen?

    I think something is broken in your present theme as you get a bit of the page’s top section (called the header) and then the output stops.

    Since this happened when you was working on a post with a map which was probably rendered by a plugin you might have broke something or the plugin may be causing this problem but I think we should start with the theme since you were working on a menu or menu’d item.

    example: If you are on the website, from the header menu, choose “blog” and “northwest moments” then try clicking on a link to a blog story such as “Primal Coffee” It should go the the story, but takes you to a blank page. Same holds true for “travel ideas” if you click that from the menu, it takes you to a list of pages you can read, but unable to pull up any of those stories.


    I am hesitant to switch themes as I don’t know what would happen and how would I get it back to the way it was. I didn’t set up the website, I only help provide stories and the person who originally set it up is long gone.

    This problem seems to have happened sometime this week…I’m not sure if it happened as a result of my changing one thing on the menu. The timing that this happened about the same time as the 2/21/19 WP release has me thinking it has something to do with that instead. I didn’t check how links were working for several days – just yesterday when I was posting something new.

    Thank you for the examples. What I see now are errant html codes that are probably causing your problem, however I don’t know what is causing them.

    If you change your theme you will only temporarily be changing the look of your site. You will not lose anything as you can always change it back.

    I understand…

    My thinking is the main part of the theme is working but the secondary page that renders a single post is broken in some manner. That could be caused by the theme itself, the update, something broken when the map plugin quit working or possibly when you removed that item.

    I’m hoping you have a good backup somewhere.

    I’m also concerned about that theme as I can’t figure out what theme it is and there’s a link to what might have been the source of the theme that leads to a broken website. You’ll probably notice a broken image in the absolute right bottom of the page… I was expecting to find the source of the theme there.

    The usual when swapping out a theme is the theme can be reactivated and they seldom lose their settings but there’s no guarantee on that.

    There is a plugin called Health Check but I hesitate to recommend that to you as you say you have little experience outside of editing content. If you like you could add the Health Check plugin and use that to swap out the theme in your view of the site as admin without affecting the actual theme itself.

    Let us know how you wish to proceed.

    We are trying to get someone more familiar with coding than myself to help get us back online. Thank you for your input to this point. They might need to contact you for help, I’m not sure yet.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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