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  • Hi there, I’m very new to coding wordpress. I’ve installed a very nice theme (Shuttershot) but they have very few support. Basically this them uses the supersize slideshow but it appears everywhere on the site (home page, blog page,categories, etc.) I did some searching and found out about conditional tags to hide the slideshow from the rest of the site. Unfortunately I didn’t find help on what/where exactly I should be using these tags. I received a snippet of some code from a forum that helps with Shuttershot but I’m not sure if the code needs some fill in the blanks and I definitely didn’t receive any directions as to what files and where I should add it to. Here is what I received:
    if ( is_home() ) {
    // Slideshow script
    } else {
    // Some other background

    I’m sure there is more this code but I’m not sure what. Can someone please help?! Sidebar: How can you make slides linkable to pages/categories?

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