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  • I am receiving comments which is great and eveyday I approve the comments.
    The next day I receive the same comments to approve again and I do and he next day it happens again and again. I am not sure how to correct he problem.
    I have a number of websites
    is one example.
    I have checked over andover the parameters set and nothing seems wrong but obviously there is.
    Any help would be appreciated I feel like I am in the movie ground hog day LOL

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    are you plugins and theme compatible to 3.2.1.?

    t-p as afar as I know yes ,,……I have downloaded the latest accept for listmanager which crashes all of my sites so far
    i am at a complete lose and each dau i approve the ones already approved and new comments that come in
    I am not sure what other information I can provide that would help …just let me know

    Moderator t-p


    may be your site is being spammed by the same sppammer(s) over and over again.

    If you think that might be the case, you may install and try these two plugins together:

    since I installed these two, i am pretty happy with the results.

    i installed Local Market Explorer plugin, but it does not give the option “setting”, therefore I can’t enter API key in there, so it is useless. I deleted and re-installed multiple times, but still not working, can someone help me solve the mystery? how do I get this work?
    Thank you

    t-p I have tried the above and I see no change any other ideas
    I am not able to keep the wbsites updated as this approving comments on all of my websites is becoming a full time job ….great to get all of the comments and I am thankful for that
    but I am not sure why this is working as it is or nor working as it should
    thanks for the help

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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