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    Your plugin is great, the plugin itself works how it should, but two problems occur when I activate and use it:

    1. All the page margins (left and right) now bleed. Basically content for all pages, including the ones for this plugin, extend to both the right and left sides. When I deactivate your plugin, the page margins return to normal.

    2. Is there a way to turn off or delete/remove the “Auto backup” album that appears for google photos. It shows all the images attached to google photos and we do not need this.


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    Hi there

    Thank you for your comments.

    1. If you can send me a link I will happily look at how we can tighten up the CSS to stop this happening.

    2. The Pro version of Google Photos plugin has the functionality to hide / not display “Auto Backup”. This folder is unfortunately created by Google Photos and there is no way to delete it.


    Plugin Author nakunakifi


    Marking as resolved as not heard back from OP in over a week.

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