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  • I have been asked to build a static page on the front of a WordPress blog which shows the latest posts from each blogger. I’m in the dark about RSS/Magpie or whatever and I don’t have time to learn it.

    Can you build this page for me ?
    How much would you quote to do so ?

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  • If you want paid support you should post a contact address: it is forbidden to post quotes here – read the forum rules before posting!

    Ok, forget it.

    I’m a bit disillusioned with WP, I’m recommending my clients switch to more stable blogging software where helpful support forums are available.

    Nah don’t forget it, maybe you just hadn’t found the rules:

    Note the mention of alternative for “for pay” work.

    “more stable”? – tell me and I’ll join you.

    As for helpfulness… I told you what the rules are. Many incompetent users like yourself got good support by posting their request with an email address, so those offering paid help could contact them privately. It worked for others, and I don’t see what problem is.

    This is a free support forum maintaned by volunteers, so, instead of making ‘smartass’ remarks say thank you that somebody told you what do to.

    Moshu, your attitude is not helpful or a good representive for WordPress. Directing evynco to the correct place to post in a kind way would be more helpful. Having a quick temper is never appreciated or helpful.


    Moshu has no attitude. In fact, if you read the first reply to evynco’s post, Moshu stated:

    “If you want paid support you should post a contact address: it is forbidden to post quotes here – read the forum rules before posting!”

    In other words, hey you need help, but we don’t allow that on the forum, so post a way to be contacted and be sure to read the rules next time.

    Evynco apparently though he paid 2 thousand dollars for his blog software and thought paid customer support representatives would baby him along until he learned how to not be an idiot. Posting back and saying forget it, I’m going to tell my client to switch to ___________ (insert “more stable” blog software name here) was a smart ass comment from a super empowered brain-dead user. In fact, the blog software being “more stable” has nothing to do with helpful support forums. It has to do with this ‘web designer’ not knowing anything about web design and trying to get someone to give him the code so he didn’t have to do it. This person said he was hired to build a static page that listed the latest posts from each blogger, which if he was actually a ‘web designer,’ he would know that is not considered a ‘static’ page… that would be ‘dynamic’ since it would constantly update itself.

    Moshu ~ I agree with you. This person is better off just being left in the dark with his teddy bear and blanket waiting for someone to come and molest him.

    wow totally new to wordpress and these forums but this to me is like children squabbling and from a moderator to boot.

    I may post something that is not in the correct place and may even sound disillusioned with the replies, but I do not expect rudeness and disrespect from moderators.

    Not been use to forums and not a web-designer of long standing I would expect even from volunteers a little decorum . Cultures across the world use these site and cultures from across the world have different ways of expressing themselves.

    Moshu reply although technically correct I found abrupt and discortous maybe they were having a bad day but that is no excuse for a short tone.

    We all started to learn somewhere I myself at the age of 50+ am just starting to embark on this adventure. so a little tolerance would be helpful and encouraging.

    I will in advance apologies for posting in the incorrect place asking stupid questions and anything else you may feel not necessary.

    1st of all – English is like moshu’s 3rd or even 4th language, so if he sounds abrupt at times it’s no biggie.
    Now moshu did call it like it was. moshu gave good advice and the “web designer” came back a smart ass.

    All that said – this discussion is over as it has nothing to do with anything the forums are about.




    here here. (at least I wasnt here!!)

    get over it!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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