• Plugin functionality looks to be quite good. But requiring casual visitors to open an account at Checklist.com in order to use a checklist is “a bridge too far.” Most of us want those visitors to sign-up on OUR sites. Two sign-ups at once? No. Just no.

    Don’t know about you, but I’ve never been asked to join Website No. 1 and then been required to join Website No. 2 to use a feature on Website No. 1.

    The developer explained that user input saved in cookies was too unstable. And it is… if the user clears her cookies, checklist input is gone. For registered users of Website No. 1, the same info could be saved to the database. Maybe it’s generous of Checklist.com to manage user data, but the user account requirement won’t work.

    The plugin might be helpful for corporates and schools for their in-house users. For the rest of us? Nope.

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