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  • Hi all,

    After 2 days of research I couldn’t find a working and responsible way of getting “dot navigation” for fullpage / one page sites.
    Seeing how Elementor literaly asks for this by enabling “screen fitting” content, I can’t really understand how this isn’t a thing yet.

    Divi has done it, and couples with custom selectors, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

    If anyone has an idea on how to do this without paying hundreds of dollars on the long term, I would be glad, maybe it can find a way in an update ?
    This feature is too basic for the next modern websites to not be a part of this great site-builder…

    Thanks !

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    I found that quite quickly but no way to try it on a single page without buying a license first.
    I am all out for paying the device back, but not before being sure it does what I want…

    Thanks for the reply ! It would still be great to have a native solution for the best site builder I could ever ask for.

    It’s the FREE version I tried.

    And I totally agree, It should be part of the Elementor core. Just thought this might get you by until then.

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    Thanks @godvsgodvs
    I tried the free version but couldn’t get the desired functionality…
    I will do the rest of the work on the new site in the meantime, but in my case (and for clients refusing to pay for updates…) it would be great to see a native solution and not have another attack vector / subscription to handle…

    Let’s see how this unfolds 🙂

    Hi, @chrikn

    I’ve found a temporary solution. It’s not the most easier one but it only takes a few minutes and does the same:

    1. Use MENU ANCHOR WIDGET in top of every target section (row) of the page
    2. Use ID such as “section-01”, “section-02″… (for example)
    3. Use ICON LIST WIDGET anywhere in the page
    4. In the ICON LIST options, delete all the text and choose CIRCLE as main icon
    5. Choose icons color for normal and hover state in STYLE section of ICON LIST widget
    6. Use CUSTOM CSS under ADVANCED tab and give the ICON LIST widget a FIXED position using top and left (or right) values

    That worked for me in 5-8 minutes.

    If you have the same number of sections through all the pages in your site, you can use an ELEMENTOR HEADER TEMPLATE in order to make the dot menu work through full site (but only if you have the same ID name all over the pages).

    I hope it works for you!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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