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  • I need a plugin (or more than one) to do the following:

    (1) Allow visitors to resize fonts, like in many websites. I tried “Font Resizer” but when I installed it, it doesn’t resize the fonts. Can someone suggest another one? Or help with how to make it work?

    (2) I also need an accessibility plugin for maybe one or two more accessibility features. I tried ATBar, but only the line spacing tool works. The font size tool and the text to audio tool doesn’t work for me. Can someone suggest an accessibility plugin? Or separate plug in for these items and perhaps others?

    I am not a programmer, so plugins that dones’t need me to edit codes is best. Please help!

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    (1) Try

    (2) What features?. In general, accessibility is not something you add onto a site but something you build into it.

    Accessibility widget does not store the font size state. The user has to resize on every page.

    Phuile, the Font Resizer does seem to have some issues, but I’ve noticed that some of these plugins are actually adding resize code, but it is getting overwritten in the theme css.

    ATBar currently has issues (not the plugin, the sign up service part), but I’ve spoken to the developer and they are looking at it now.

    Esmi, Accessible features are woefully underprepresented on WP. Whilst we can generally code in some aspects, things like title attributes are best removed with JQuery after they are added (for SEO) – this is plugin territory.

    The plug-in WP Accessibility ( handles title attribute removal at the filter level, and also generates a simple font resizing widget if you need it. The stylesheet for the widget is completely customizable, so you can customize how your fonts will actually be changed.

    On the whole, however, I’m not particularly in favor of accessibility widgets, although they are sometimes the quickest, simplest solution when you can’t redesign.

    The thing is, most themes don’t handle accessibility very well. There is currently a clash in technology between good formatting, SEO visibility and so-called accessibility. Having researched the WP plugins, I’ve yet to find any that adequately provide comprehensive support for physical access. Title tags currently should be included at theme level, but removed via JQuery for text based browsing and screen readers. This puts extra load time for things that are removed for human access. This is the case even if these features are built into the theme as opposed to a plugin.

    I am designing sites/themes that are inherently easier to access visually and code-wise, but there is resistance to this inclusive approach and clients are still requesting visible screen adjustment options.

    It’s an interesting area of WP/web development, one that is out of the scope of the forum here.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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