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  1. brian7632416
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    Background: My shared-hosting service is Servage.net. MediaWiki (www.dishiwiki.com) runs perfectly on a different domain, i.e., in a different folder off the same root. I use FileZilla as my FTP client. I am new to WordPress but not very new to Webs and FTP. I have read the forums until my eyes are crossed.

    Please point me to some definitive documentation regarding the folder permission (mode) for the /uploads folder and its parent (/content). Does it really have to be 777?

    And, if you're feeling talkative, tell me why WordPress, with its default-on-install folder modes, which are "very secure," according to the documenation, do not allow WP to create that upload folder at the first attempt to updload a file, and why the upload folder (with correct permissions) isn't part of the install? (I had to create the upload folder using FTP and experiment with its perimssions. It's currently at 777, and it's giving me the creeps.


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