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  • Only obvious breakage with Firefox 1.0.4/Win is the calendar’s title being stuck to the left of the column while the rest of the sidebar is nicely padded. The Go button for the search doesn’t look like button – usuability issue, possibly.

    Looks like a nice blog 🙂 hope you have a nice time with it.

    Using IE 6 it looks great. The calendar title is centered in IE, however, I notice there are no arrows to go to previous months. I realize there aren’t previous months yet but don’t the calendars usually have indicator arrows greyed out if they’re not usable? Maybe add a test post for another month just to check that there is some sort of nav system to manipulate the calendar to other months??

    If I were being hyper-critical, I think it would look better to add a space at the top of the left-hand column (right above “chin blog home” and “contact viki”). It would be more balanced.

    Agree with poster above, the “go” next to search would look better as a button. However those are small cosmetic issues and otherwise it’s a really nice blog. Looks like a lot of fun and some good recipes!

    Interesting, in Safari the Go is a button, but not in the other browsers.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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