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  • Hello,

    Looking for any feedback from my site:

    We offer a variety of downloadable logos from popular brands across the globe.

    I have only been able to view my site on my personal computer and a few other computers and devices. So I really am not sure how the majority of people visit my site perceive it.

    For example, I am very concerned that load time is not efficient. I use bluehost and I my self experience a few minutes of down time a few times a day…I am not sure if users ever experience that on my site.

    Some feedback I am hoping to get:

    How is the loading time?
    Is the layout direct enough?
    Is it to busy?

    The key question, if you needed to find and download a couple of logos, do you think you would find this website useful?

    I am currently in the process of optimizing ad spots. Conversion rate is low since I assume most of these visitors just “window shopping” through

    Any feedback is helpful :).

    100% WordPress built.

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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