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  1. thelittlemermaid
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    From this link, http://dailycupoftech.com/2007/07/25/creating-custom-wordpress-feeds/, I have got the various feed parameters through which we can fetch previous data from a wordpress blog i.e. any month or any year, etc. Now, I need to know what all parameters are allowed by wordpress to be appended to the feed to access the feed items. Where can i see all these parameters? I mean wordpress must have officially mentioned them somewhere.

    Please tell me if naybody has any information on this. Or if my question is not clear, please elt me know. I will elaborate.


  2. Samuel B

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  3. thelittlemermaid
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    Thanks for replying.

    But I think my question is not very clear. If I take a rss feed with the extra parameters of date and year like this, http://example.wordpress.com/?feed=rss&monthnum=09&year=2009, I get only 10 feeds items and not the entire months actual items. Also it varies for every wordpress blog. And if I add the date like http://example.wordpress.com/?feed=rss&monthnum=06&year=2009&date=01(upto 30,31), it fetches all the records correctly datewise and so I get it for the entire month. So logically if I fetch for an entire month then I should get all the feed items for the entire month, but that is not happening.

    Is there a way I can get it? Or is it that the blogger himself can restrict the feed items to a certain limit or wordpress itself restricts it?

    Please let me know. I am unable to figure it out.

    Thanks onc eagain.

  4. Samuel B

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    admin - settings - reading
    what do you have here for the number of posts to show in feed?

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