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  • I know WordPress does not support RSS or Atom feeds for static pages, and have searched for a plugin that does, but cannot find one. I understand that, since these types of feeds are about syndicated content that is chronologically-based, this may seem odd, but we are looking for a simple way to share info from WordPress with outside apps without having others do screen-scrapes. As a result, a feed in a standard format such as RSS, RDF, Dublin Core, Atom, etc. would help with this endeavor. Is anyone else working on this, and can you help me out? I’m willing to dig into the PHP, and have fiddled a bit with modifying plugins, but don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Any ideas?

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  • Hi there, I know that this might seem a bit too basic.
    But why not have a go at writing one.
    Theres plenty of free software out there.
    just to mention one.
    I have yet to find a plugin that does this with static content.
    But I wish you luck. Mike.

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