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  • Ok. So, I’m pretty newb when it comes to wordpress and rss and what not, so this might be an easy one.

    In the past, I have been linking my posts ON to facebook using the facebook “share link” default app. What I like about that is that people actually go to the page and read the whole thing. But when they comment, they comment only on the facebook side.

    I just discovered that Facebook Notes has an RSS feed which publishes your blog as notes, which is great. But, what I really want is the ability to get the comments people made on the facebook on to my WP post.

    I found a WP-plugin called Facebook Comments (by James Low), whose description seems to match what I want to do, but it says I have to use feedburner and after that I got completely lost.

    I’m not looking for a facebook app (I find a lot of my friends are driven away by having to install ‘another’ app). I’m merely looking for a means (plugins preferably) to export fb comments on my imported wp posts on fb back to wp.

    Sorry if this is confusing. I HOPE someone understands this and can help me out. Thanks.

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  • The Facebook Comments plugin works great. I started using it a few weeks ago. Feedburner is not necessary. You just need to setup Facebook to retrieve your posts from your site.

    There is a bug with 0.33 of the plugin. I’ve reached out to James Low and am awaiting his response. I believe I have a fix for the bug and hopefully the latest version can be posted soon.

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