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    Since the recent update, I can’t optimize any image. The page says, “You can request a maximum of 0 images at once.” and “To make sure our server can communicate with your server without any issues and everything works fine, for the few first requests the amount images allowed in a single request is limited. The current limit is 1”.

    If I click Gather Image Data, I get this: “You don’t have enough quota for current service left this month.” and also this: “You will need to set Domain Key to use the online services”

    Other than that, I wanted to check out what is “Rescan New Thumbnails” and after hours of scanning now the plugin says I have 292019 images that are not requested. I don’t think that’s true because, before the update, every image on my website was optimized, there are only 12 groups of images that are not optimized/requested because of the problem I wrote before. I don’t think 12 groups of images is equal to 292019 images.

    Here’s the plugin screen:

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    Hi, @thekaangezer

    Have you generated a domain key? To generate your Domain Key, please navigate to WP Admin > LiteSpeed Cache > General > General Settings. Press the button in the Domain Key setting to request one. It may take a few minutes.

    If you already have one, press the button to refresh it. That should fix the issue with your quota. Everyone should have some amount of free quota every month, so you should never start with 0.

    In addition, Image Optimization only requires quota for “fast queue” usage. If you run out of that, it should automatically switch to “standard queue” usage, which is free and unlimited.

    Please let us know if refreshing your domain key fails to solve these issues!

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    For the rescan feature, it is useful when you have a new plugin/theme which generated some additional dimension thumbnails. e.g. if one plugin generated 3 new size thumbnails. You have total 1000 image groups which have done optimization before generating, this means you have 1000*3 = 3000 new child images waiting for optimization.

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    Hi, @lclarke

    No, I couldn’t generate any domain key because my hosting wasn’t supporting it. I talked about this with the support team of my hosting provider.

    I’m not sure if the standard queue was working (assuming it’s the same as before) because none of my newly uploaded (2 to 3 days) images were optimized.

    In the end, I deleted the plugin and left LiteSpeed on the server level. I was having other problems with it and the image optimization was the last straw for me.

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    Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

    And I’m sorry to hear your host wouldn’t support the domain key – without it, there’s no way to use any of the Online Services.

    If you change your mind in the future, we hope you’ll come back and let us help you troubleshoot any remaining issues.

    Best of luck.

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    I wanted to add one more piece of information for anyone else who may be following this topic:

    v2 also uses domain keys. The only difference between v2 and v3 is that we’ve made it more visible to users and provided a manual button to click. This is to make error detection easier for the Online Services.

    Hope that clears up the topic of Domain Keys a bit.

    Hi @lclarke

    We are on Litespeed server, I believe it’s LiteSpeed Enterprise, all IP’s are whitelisted – checked

    Domain key cannot be created, keep getting communication error 401, clicked to refresh but I have to wait now 50min.

    This is happening for all our sites since latest upgrade. Previously we could optimise, delete, reset API key etc. Shall I email you list of domain names?

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Hi, @forgetwp

    I’m not sure what’s causing that, if the IPs are whitelisted. Please create a ticket and include the domains that are giving you a problem.


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