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    Hi theme developers. I try to find info about Uploading a theme, what happens after “Submitting Your Theme to” page. For example, when exploring published themes, the “more info” button shows menu items like “Home Home Parent page” etc etc. Where are those menues created?

    “Frequently Asked Questions” where can the user read them? For plugins I see, but I cant find the changelogs when browsing themes?

    The massive descriptions have no linebreaks, can you prvide that? Wehere in the readme.txt file is those descriptions taken from? Or are theyfrom the style.css?

    The “Theme home url” where does that comes from? Authors url? style file or readme file?

    Also, All those screenshots, is the use of tagline “just another WordPress theme” still allowed? Can the screenshot have a site title with the “theme” in it? (TITLE no theme name)

    Summary: Need a link to a examples how the process/ who or what, no-nos, AFTER whats explained at


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  • This is the wrong venue for these questions. You should be in the #themereview Slack channel and the Themes blog which has a bunch of links to resources in its Welcome Box.

    Themes don’t create menus.
    There is a FAQ for the Themes team:
    The theme description comes from the stylesheet.
    All the fields that WP uses from the theme come from the style.css file header, since that is a required file for WP to use the theme.
    The readme.txt file is required for the Theme repository (as of October 2018) but still is not incorporated into the theme’s page or the WP admin, due to lack of volunteers working on meta.
    The theme’s screenshot is best to show theme defaults. The images in the screenshot should be credited in the readme file (no trademarks or children). The text in the screenshot can be whatever as long as it’s not an advertisement or superlative or trademark.

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    Thanks for your answer. Its strange though, WordPress “Submitting Your Theme to” points to this forum:

    Need Help?

    If you have theme development questions, please post them in the Developing with WordPress forum Volunteers from around the world are ready to assist you with the development of your theme.

    / Thanks, moving there

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    Hmmm, sorry, confused

    and the Themes blog which has a bunch of links to resources in its Welcome Box.

    Cant find any Welcome Box, just a activity stream about issues, most about blocks. All links at the top is just about “review” progress faq.

    #themereview Slack channel, “Enter your workspace’s Slack URL” login, create account? Don’t have an email address?
    Contact the workspace administrator at Making WordPress for an invitation.

    No, there must be better blogs and articles about this.

    Im shure there is a “oh, aha” about this, but I just dont “got it”…
    Continue asking here for links.

    Its strange though, WordPress “Submitting Your Theme to” points to this forum

    Yes, that is for development questions, whereas what happens after submitting for review is all about the review. A theme must be fully developed when submitted. A theme can be developed for private use or for distribution. The Themes team is all about the distribution of themes submitted to the repository.

    Cant find any Welcome Box,

    It’s the gray box at the top, with all the links and info.

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    Thanks for your time and good screenshots.

    Its hard to make the final development if you have question about to make the final development. In mind that the docs are unclear, outdated and things have changed since WP 1.6, when I last submitted a theme…

    I mentioned your question in the #themereview Slack channel, asking two of the team members to read it so they could see what is missing in the documentation. It’s the weekend, so most contributors aren’t around.

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