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  • The Background:
    I’m writing a plug-in to create/handle a custom post type and related custom taxonomies. The post type is going to be “books”, and the taxonomies are “authors” and “genre”. There’s very little in the body of the custom post; it’s made up mainly of custom meta fields and taxonomy entries.

    What I want to do is have a custom meta field into which I would put an Amazon ASIN number, and somehow trigger that entry to query Amazon, returning the book’s title, author(s), picture, etc. I then want to update the “authors” taxonomy directly, adding entries if necessary, or locating the existing taxonomy entry if I’ve added something by this author already.

    The Problem:

    • I know how to query Amazon.
    • I know how to add a custom post type and custom taxonomies.
    • I know how to insert or locate a taxonomy entry.

    What I don’t know is what would be the best way to initiate the Amazon lookup (a “look up” button, an editor extension, AJAX, ??? ) and then cause the post.php (or post-new.php) to reload so that my changes show. Can a reload/refresh even be done without losing data that’s been typed into fields on post.php (another custom meta field)?

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