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  • Need designer to design and configure my wordpress blog. Im totally lost as to what to do and am frankly tired of fucking with it. I just need a basic blog design. Free or pay design is fine. I just need help! Thanks,

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  • loads of free templates you can download dude. Here check the link out:

    yeah but i have no idea how to install them…ive been looking for hours.

    Moderator James Huff


    If instructions are what you want, Kubrick is a template that has them. If you have a good understanding of Photoshop, and some PHP and CSS skills, then you can configure Kubrick to suite your own desires as well.

    Hours!?! I would’ve stopped after 10 minutes and posted right away. Anyway:
    Which version of WP were you going to use – 1.2.1 or 1.3-alpha?

    yeah…..i have a lot of pride. haha

    “” what is all of that about? i cant understand what that whole conversation is about.
    im using WP 1.2 through fantastico.
    I really want someone to do this for me. I will pay for the work.

    Pick a template. If there’s no readme file, upload over the index.php and wp-layout.css files in your WordPress folder.
    If you really need more help, email me and I’ll find sometime to do it either late tonight or tomorrow morning. I won’t be customizing, just helping you upload the template files of your choice.
    If it’s bigger than that:
    (FYI: I’m in California time.)
    – Bryan

    I’ve got everything squared away now. Thanks for the help everyone.

    Awesome – who helped you out? Or did you figure it out yourself?

    You helped a lot bryan. I was trying to use kubrick but it was aligning left and looked horrible on the first installation. I finally just found a template and did what you said. Any idea why the text and bars would be aligning left on the initial install of kubrick?
    Thanks for the help. Here is what im working with right now.

    Nevermind, i’ve kubrick up and running fine. Of course it was my error.

    Awesome Josh! I love the texture of the header. 🙂
    Speaking of the header, which program did you use to modify that? I wanted to do the same with Gimp. (Sorry to the rest here, I would’ve emailed him, but he doesn’t have a contact form on his site yet…I think.)
    Thanks man,
    – Bryan

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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