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    While it is nice to duplicate the theme settings,
    what we need is ability to set a custom class.

    I will have many many many galleries.
    I customize the css for two different galleries
    but some galleries have CSS style A and some B.

    I need a way to differentiate the gallery themes and css
    without having to hard code every gallery number


    also, custom class should copy with other theme settings

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    Thanks for your suggestion! I have opened a new issue requesting this feature at https://github.com/davekiss/vimeography/issues/42 and will mark it for future development.

    I realized I was basing my two gallery types on different themes. So I thought I could just remove the gallery numbered claw and reference the theme. But the customizations to the gallery were interfering.

    So I ended up having to reference the four galleries by number in about s dozen CSS calls

    Btw this was only really needed because the plsylister was not paging my 78 videos. I broke it into 4 galleries of 26 (one for expansion)

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