Need Css help

  • trying to keep uo


    I have spent about 8 hours over here http://www.w3schools.com/default.asp
    I still have yet to figure how to get my Welcome Php floating in the top right hand corner of my Blog. I lost it or it was scattered with the last update. I believe my problem lies within my CSS yet I have added some code to no help. If you know CSS and can check my site and give me an idea if it is in the CSS or Welcome PHP or ?? I would appreciate it. I am going round and round with no fix at all! My page is http://www.netcommercial.net/blog and all my welcome Php is stuffed at the bottom of the page? Thanks in advance.

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  • did you try with absolute position

    trying to keep uo


    NO but I will research that and see what that envolves. Did you look at the code or did you just think that may be a fix?

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