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  1. batman129
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I have a special request that will require a specially-written code to my site. It shouldn't be that hard, but then again I'm not a coder. Here's what I want my end result to be.

    I'm using the Crimson Sunrise theme and I want a second-kind of sidebar on the LEFT side of the page. This sidebarish thing will need to be able to accept input (probably from the admin panel) and output text with weblinks, and a small (maybe 10x10 at largest) icon graphic, such as a dollar sign). The content will be dynamic and need to be updated often, so changing it will need to be fairly easy to do. The "box," if you will, will also need to be displayed on every page, if possible.

    Please let me know if this is possible, if you can help, and any other information I may need to know. I'm new to this, so I may need some direction. Thanks in advance!


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