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    …this plugin sounds like a life-safer, but I need to ask you a couple things before testing it.
    My images are already in the library and I use a plugin to import a .csv file, but somehow it duplicated images (logo.jpg becomes logo-1.jpg) and uses the copy in the post. So, when you say that DeDuper only recognises media manually uploaded, does it mean it will not work?
    Also, as I will not need to upload any new media, what happens when I’ll delete DeDuper… will ex-duplicated images come back again?

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    Hi @arsenalemusica !

    For the second question, ex-duplicated images won’t come back once you delete the plugin so you should be all set there. (We recommend people keep it installed so it prevents them from uploading duplicates of already existing files in the future, but that doesn’t apply to you.)

    By “manually uploaded”, that’s confusing, but doesn’t apply to this scenario. We mean that if there’s an image in your media library and you’re editing a post (and you click the button to add an image there instead of selecting a previously uploaded version), Deduper will try to stop you.

    But if you’re using wp-cli or a script or something to import content, and that content includes copies of images that already exist in my media library, Deduper won’t halt the import. It will allow those duplicates to be created, but it will still show them on the Manage Duplicates screen and allow you to Smart Delete them afterwards.

    Since neither of those scenarios apply to you, you should be ready to test. Please feel free to email if you find other confusing issues arise while you test.

    thank you very much for claryfying that to me.
    I’m particularly interested in the featured-image feature, because that’s exactly what I need. 🙂

    hello, sorry to bother you again, but I’m reading reviews/supports and have doubts. Let me explain it to you.

    I currently have 6.000+1 images in my library, because I must import 12.000 records and half of them share that 1 same featured_image. Using that plugin that duplicates images on import (I wish I could avoid that in the first place, but no one is helping me out) it will generate 1×6.000 duplicates! (logo1+logo2+logo3, etc.). So I will end up with a total of 12.000 images in the library before activating DeDuper.

    I read that DeDuper has fixed the shared duplicates bug but I also read that images cannot be bulk-deleted and one is forced by the screen setting.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Plugin Author cornershop


    No problem — it’s not a bother at all. Sorry for the slow reply.

    It’s true that we’re limited by the screen setting. Even to Smart Delete images, you’d have to increase your Screen Options settings to the max it can handle (we recommend starting at 500 per page). That still leaves you with 24 pages to file through, but it’s better than 10 per page and 1,200 pages!

    Also, if you’re on a fast internet connection, it’s possible you could go higher than 500. Unfortunately, that also means if your internet speed is slow, then 500 might be too high.

    Sorry we can’t offer more help. Best of luck with all these deletions!

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