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    Theme is Kickass-Spookyblue
    Two column, right nav with full header and footer.

    Photography by my son.

    Yes, it validates, and yes, I’m putting up a download page this week with this and a few other themes, providing this gets good response.

    The lixlpixel screenshot generator seems to indicate it’s fine on IEMac, but testdrives on that devilspawned browser never hurt. I’ve had a site look fine in the screenshot on that browser yet a testdrive showed that none of the links worked, so I’d rather not take chances. Actually, any test drive appreciated, ya never know.

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  • that is a good idea 🙂

    the new design is blue, but you allready know. for me the sidebar is too small ( because of the padding ) and the background is too extrem for me. i would use a simpler one.
    but thats my style 🙂

    i think a border can give the content and the page a bit more contrast, but i like it alot

    Thank you all for doing the test drive, especially Sophie, who picked up on the IEMac bizarre hover behavior (which is exactly the kind of thing a screen shot on a browsercam can’t pick up!)

    Back to the drawing board. I hate that dang browser.

    One question, and this isn’t really about your theme in particular, but at this point, how many people do you think are using IE mac, I mean, even my old performa that I keep around running OS 8 has a non IE browser.
    And with the evolution of OS X and Safari, not to mention FF, Opera and Camino, who still uses it?
    Speaking of those, the site looks fine in both Safari and FF(my broswer of choice). Only little thing, the search button, in FF is square, so it is little mushed up on the search box, but not really bad, more like flushed than mushed.
    Safari’s button is the gel like pill, and looks great.

    Though IEMac isn’t a big deal, I feel that since I’m a pro web designer and eventually going to be letting these themes out for general consumption I need to make them compatible with as many browsers as possible, otherwise I don’t look very pro, huh?

    The other thing is MY OWN stats. I do have surfers who use IEMac. Not many, but they are part of my audience, so I at least have to give them some sort of functionality, even if the site isn’t as pretty for them. A couple of the sites I manage are sites where a significant portion of the target audience are near-luddites re computers, and use older computer/opsys/browser combos. Target audience is always something we all need to look at. Have you looked at your own stats that way?

    Thanks for pointing out the search button thing, though when the theme is let loose it will have a custom image button, no matter how loud the accessibilty gurus scream. It drives me nuts that form elements have so little flexibility within the css spec and browser defaults and I pray that it’s all improved in css3 (which will be supported in IE7 by the year 2018 . . .)

    Moderator James Huff


    Kickass, your site looks fine in Safari. If you ever want to check your site in Safari and MacIE, stop by it’s free. ^_^

    layout is fine in firefox on Linux

    Thanks, all! And I LOVE being able to say my site’s been tested in Linux!!! Next hard drive update I’m going to dual boot . . .

    Macmanx, though screenshots are helpful in at least checking to see things are where they’re supposed to be, I’ve had problems in the past with links not working in IEMac even though the site looks fine, and a screenshot won’t point up that problem. So LIVE browser tests by people with macs is the only way to be sure things work. And someday I’m going to actually get a mac so I can test myself.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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