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    It’s the Kickass-Convergence theme on the Theme-Switcher. I apologize for making you have to scroll down and click, but I have to keep the K-Squawk three column theme live for a (hopefully) paying client to see. And I know you folks are savvy enough to understand a theme switcher! For me at least, it looks good on Windoze. I promise to have a test install of WP up before the next browser check so I don’t have to inconvenience you all again.

    Since it’s played games with me in the past I’d especially love to know if all links work and such in Mac browsers, especially IEMac. It looks fine on the screenshot, but I’ve had problems with that dang browser in the past, with stuff that looked fine in the screenshot. Any Linux test driving would also be appreciated.

    Theme is a fixed width two column right nav with full header and footer, category nav in a horizontal navbar across top, and a kind of industrial thing happening. I promise you this one has no blue in it, nor much else bright. *grin* (unless I missed a color change in some obscure place in the stylesheet!) All comments and constructive criticism appreciated.

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  • It looks good! The only thing that bothered my eyes 🙂 was the different “directionality” (is this the right word?) of the converging pipes in the header image and that of the 3D letters in the title. Does it makes sense what I am trying to say…?

    Yes, it does. I was planning on playing with that a bit anyway, though I actually don’t know if a bit of “disturbance” is necessarily a bad thing, makes it a bit edgy. But maybe I can alter it just a bit . . . though the font is definitely staying. I like it too much with this to bother considering anything else.

    I like the edgy “non converging lines” – but if a person has non-correctable astigmatism…. (I don’t, but I know a couple who do!)

    Are you saying we should bestow the nickname “moshu the astigmatic”?? Has kind of a ring to it, like Marko the Magnificent . . . take it on the road, moshu! *grin*

    Er, ah…. well – I don’t KNOW that he’s got that problem, now do I?

    Is that a blush I see, v?

    *sticks out her tongue* BRRAAAAPPPP! Hrmph.

    In one eye I had a little bit… OK, it’s not that severe as in case of El Greco, but still it’s there 🙂

    Oy. See, I did sort of recognize the symptoms! Sorry moshu…. I really wasn’t “picking on” you!

    moshu, she really *is* blushing!

    Well, it’s great with Opera (version 8)


    Thanks, vener! Any Mac users out there???

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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