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  • Tina


    I just found out that the business I bought my fabulous biz directory script from, years ago (and went on to buy 2 more, for other sites, it was SO awesome!) just closed up shop. So for now I’m fine, since there’s no current issues…but I’m planning ahead for when inevitably something will happen and I won’t be able to use my directories anymore since there won’t be any support to help me anymore. Also, I’m in the process of building some pre-built sites for sale and would like a biz directory to include with them.

    And frankly, since I switched all my sites to WordPress I’ve been thinking I’d really like to have a WordPress plugin to do this job…just don’t like that I have to link externally to the directory since I cannot get it to work within my WordPress theme.

    ANYWAY, this is what I have currently:
    Would like something that would be similar…not necessarily in the look, but in the features…

    Features I am looking for:
    both free and paid listings possible
    user upload of their own images (which I can set to be for a fee)
    “newest listings”
    “most popular listings”
    ability for users to log in and edit their listings at any time.
    ability for me to add images to the categories
    social media integration would be nice (this one doesn’t have that)

    And I need all this to be SIMPLE for me, as a non-techie. Basic stuff for a WordPress user…no coding needed to tweak it.

    Does something like this exist in a WP plugin? I looked at a few already and there was always a feature or 2 (or more) missing.

    I don’t mind if its a paid plugin, so long as its under $100.


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  • Tina


    forgot to mention…also would like the ability to charge extra features for listings like bold and colored background or at least “featured”.



    So no one has any recommendations for this AT ALL??? There must be SOMETHING??

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