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    I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to embed four mp4 videos into my blog. Two plugins I have tried play audio, with no video. The native Media Uploader for WordPress starts the video, but then the video just stops.

    Is there a way to stream an mp4 video with little or no hesitation through WordPress?

    I never wanted to be a video technician…

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  • Bump.

    Put in another two hours working on this. Would appreciate any and all help I could get. When I search ‘mp4’, I find there are a lot people with problems with this, but there are no solutions posted.



    I’ve converted the files to flv. So I can embed the video either way. Again, please let me know if you have a solution so I broadcast these videos.


    I usually upload all my videos to youtube, and then link them to my blog using this

    But, that plugin also works for your own videos hosted on your server

    I converted my m4 videos flv and put them on my website as
    Mp4 you need to embed an apple quicktime mediaplayer and if a visitor does not quicktime installed they will not be able see video.

    I don’t want to upload to YouTube because I would like to host the video myself.

    I tried the viper plugin, and it does not work for videos posted on your own server.

    Thanks for your help, Voodoo. I know there must be a solution out there as there are a number of posts which involve this issue, and not one includes an answer. They just say ‘topic resolved’ with no solution.

    It seems like it should be very simple. I’m stumped.


    Patel, how do you embed an Apple Quicktime Mediaplayer? Do you need Quicktime Pro? I do not have that.

    Thanks for your help,

    As I said I converted all my mp4 to flv so that i can add them on my website as flash is widely used and quicktime is apple and mostly mac would have it and windows will have install on computer.

    Thank you Patel, but I do not understand what you are saying. I do have quick time installed on my pc, but only pro has the ‘export to web’ option. I do not have quick time pro. I did convert the files to flv, but I still as yet have not found an embedded flv player for my blog.

    How did you embed the quick time player into your site?


    I do have quick time installed on my pc, but only pro has the ‘export to web’ option. I do not have quick time pro.

    You have quicktime on your computer what I am saying is that not all your visitors will have quicktime on their computer so they will not be able to see your videos.

    while Flash most of them will have it and will be able see your videos and if they do not have one then it only take seconds to install adobe flash.

    Patel, I understand what you are saying. I know the difference between quick time and adobe flash. What I need is a stable player that I can embed into my blog to play the video (either in mp4 or flv).


    Ok now understand you want a player on the server so that its played on the server if so you can see I have one on my website in video tutorial that has playlist of videos.

    I am using wordtube is plugin and you need upload 2 player files in wp-content/uploads and upload your flv videos on server and setup plugin.

    OK, I just spent a couple hours with the WordTube plugin, and that is not working for me either. I loaded the JWplayer in the correct folder. The settings detect the flash player. But Media->wordtube displays a red warning box which says- ‘The Flash player is not detected. Please recheck if you uploaded it and verify the path in the wordTube settings.’

    When I put ‘[media id=1]’ into my html, I don’t get anything on my site. So I am back where I started from.


    You will have to create uploads folder in wp-content as there not one there by default and upload those two files in uploads folder.

    Did that. FLV files are in uploads folder. FLV files are showing in media->wordtube in the Media Library. They all have #s.

    Did you put those two files in uploads folder as they are players files.

    If they show in Media wordtube did you put them in play list if so all you have to do now is add to post or page using short code.

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