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  1. ve-rocks
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I have just started creating my blog, prior to actually reading the documentation I immediately purchased a new theme (I know wrong move). There are a few items on my page that I need assistance with.

    How do I link certain topics in my Galleries section to link correctly with the Categories section on my sidebar? There is only one that actually linked well and I think its because it has the same name. Does he one have to have to the same name in order to match up well? (i.e. Gallery name: Consignment/ Vintage vs Category name: Consignment/Vintage), link up well. Everything else is completely wrong.

    What do I receive the Error 404 Not Found on each page?

    Archives section: Instead of saying 2012 it says 202 but nothing in the page that I can see says 202. Why is that? How do I fix it?

    In the My Bio section we have template talk for a blurb on the bottom left but I don't know where to locate that blurb in order to eliminate it. What do I do?

    Contact Me: There is an address with a map there... I don't want that and I don't know where that is located in order to amend it. What do I do?

    I do want to add a Contact Form, how do I move forward with that?

    How do I change the logo on the Cover Page? I want my logo (which has yet to be created) instead of someone else's logo.

    In the Header I have a Consignment Shop link, I want to create a store, how do add multiple photographs into one movement, such as what you see on shopping websites instead of an array of photographs outlining one item? Could I add a description? Could I add in a Pay Pal link?

    In the Galleries section there is a sub tab for Fashion with the words Style and Beauty Tips, am I able to do that for the other sections? For instance in Politics, could I add it World? Local? how do I move forward??

    I would really like someone's help as I have been working on the design more than anything and I feel like I've hit a road block with no way to fix it. Now that I have read the documentation and seen the tutorials I am hoping someone could assist me with the design so I can finish it.

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  2. Andrew Nevins
    Forum moderator
    Posted 4 years ago #

    When purchasing themes, you're also purchasing support. It would be best to contact your theme's developers.

  3. David Choi
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I don't think purchasing a new theme is a wrong move. Most of my sites use premium themes due to their unique design and features, as long as the vendor does support your theme.

    For the category problem, looks like there are some bugs in the theme that needs to be sorted out, or it might need to its own special widgets for custom post type categories.

    For the blurb, it's probably a registered block, the code for that are usually in theme's functions.php file, and the footer.php file to display it. But the theme might have option panel built-in, that allows you to turn it on/off.

    Contact Me Map: Usually premium themes uses shortcodes to insert the maps, with location address as parameter, just have to change that. If it's an widget or option based, then have to ask the vendor.

    "I do want to add a Contact Form, how do I move forward with that?": You can use the Contact Form 7 plugin, it's probably the best/popular free Form plugin you can find.

    "How do I change the logo on the Cover Page?": Just use Chrome browser's developer tools to find where the logo file location is, replace it with yours by uploading it with FTP. Looks like there isn't an option to change the logo file from Admin Panel, correct?

    "In the Header I have a Consignment Shop link...": It depends if the theme has a shopping cart feature built in?

    "In the Galleries section there is a sub tab for Fashion...": It really depends. It can be widgets, php file, or WordPress page. Ask the vendor.

    "I would really like someone's help... ...I feel like I've hit a road block": If you are only a design and don't have experience with PHP codes, and would like to continue to create WP themes, then probably using drag and drop type framework makes more sense, but the best ones I could find are the premium ones, like:


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