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  • Dear Sir/Mam
    My host suspended my account again and again. And reply me same answer.

    “Your website has been unsuspended. It was suspended, due to heavy overload. Kindly take the given below some necessary action for your website:-
    1. Use light theme and also don’t use so much plugins.
    2. Check your plugin’s functionality.
    3. Remove old posts and comments.
    4. Keep database size low.
    5. Install Wp super cache plugin and optimize it, you can view proper video on you tube for this.”

    Please Help Me.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Have tried doing any of the things your host suggested..?

    As you haven’t shared a link to your site:

    Generically speaking, disable all non-essential plugins, switch to a less intensive theme such as Twenty Eleven and see how it goes.

    If that still gets you suspended then either upgrade your hosting plan or find a more robust host.

    1) Using WordPress default theme with 13 plugins.
    2) All plugins are working perfectly. What is the meaning of “check functionality”?
    3) I removed 300 posts. Now there are 1600 posts with 500 comments only.
    4) How to keep database size low?
    5) Using W3 Cache plugin.

    But what is the reason of suspending account? I have 50Gb of bandwidth and enough disk space.
    What is specific reason?

    Some php scripts might generate cpu load. If you have a lot of calculation sent to php or long queries with lots of variables … the cpu can be overload.
    The number of plugins that you are using is not the way to trobuleshoot this. you can run lots of plugins and have lots of posts as long as the code is clean.
    Also the number of posts (1600 is not so big also).
    From all this make sure you are not saving images throw plugins directly in the database as blob’s;
    If you are using search plugins those would be a place to start…
    If you have a link to your website it will really help.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    But what is the reason of suspending account?

    This is the support forum for WordPress software, not your host provider. 😉

    Contact your host and ask them. If they can’t provide a reason (could be bandwidth, CPU, memory, storage or any combination) then you should look for a new host.

    @jnhghy My website:
    How to minimize CPU load?

    @jan Dembowski i asked them. But they don’t tell me. Always send me same reply. I used 115MB out of 500MB disk space, 22GB out of 50GB bandwidth.
    What is CPU memory?





    Look at this previous thread opened by you:

    I think you know the answers for most of the questions you are asking here. I think you have to ask the company to whom you paid money for hosting and domain for your login information and get direct access to your accounts and change the hosting. If you are unable to do that, I do not think any advice that you get from this forum can help you.

    I hope you understand.

    Wish you good luck!

    But which host is best?
    I have been paid more than $200 for two years.
    How could I know which host is best?
    Is there any way to check this?

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