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    I have two wordpress sites. One up that I am trying to clone with the other.

    I am starting over on a new hidden wordpress since I made a fatal error and updated a live site… yes I know rookie mistake, cause I am a rookie.

    So I currently have Network Solutions as my hosting.

    I have two separate hosting accounts. My new site that I am trying to warp into being the other is on the different hosting account than the first that I updated.

    My goal is to get all content plugins everything moved over and then start changing the twenty-twelve theme to look like my last theme.

    BUT I have hit a big snag. My Xml file from the previous site is refusing to import into the new. I have attempted this around 20 times now. The connection keeps breaking.

    I have increased everything I can in my php.ini file to prevent it from being a size issue or a time out issue to no avail.

    Is there a method for doing this through the backdoor? So to say.

    How can I get this content up and in forcibly so that i am not forced to re-create each and every post, page, role, ect…

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  • Through phpmyadmin, you can export the database, and import it to the new site

    Now, is the new site going to replace the old? Because tehre will be numerous places where the URL is coded into the DB

    Is it impossible to just fix the old site?

    The site was going to have to be moved eventually anyway. So this is simply forcing it to be done sooner. And fixing the old Live site could cause a lot more issues than recreating from the 2012 theme. Currently my old site can not be updated which is not good! I update daily and couldn’t last night. 🙁

    I can fix linking issues, that is insignificant compared to the idea of starting over on all posts/ settings, ECT….

    Switching Web Hosting Isn't so Hard, Here's What I Did!

    I’m not sure if this is helpful to you at all. An article I wrote up when I switched hosts. Though not exactly the same as what you are doing, it has some similarities.

    Ugh my hosting is horrible. i’m just gonna be moving over each post manually. I have no other options. Thanks for the help. Hopefully someone with better hosting won’t have this issue and will find this thread useful.

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