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    Hey guys and girls,

    I’m hoping for some guidance for an e-commerce plugin for WordPress that can handle a product that has stacks of variations (59280 variations) for one product to be exact and the price varies based on the selections as well.

    I was using wp-ecommerce and it was okay with some variations but once I added them all it can’t handle the amount of data it has to handle. I’ve tried it with 3.7.8 and the 3.8 Public Beta 2 version cause I thought this issue might’ve been addressed. A few people have had this issue from the looks of it:

    So my question to you guys is what ecommerce plugin would you recommend to handle this amount of variations? I’m happy to pay for a premium plugin if it suits my needs.

    Thanks a million for your help guys 🙂

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  • elfin


    I don’t recommend you use any plugin. How are these variations split down?

    eShop can handle variations (via options sets) and you can add in as many as you want – but if they are all separate entries then no-one is going to take the time to fill in the form!

    Hey Rich,

    Thanks for your response 🙂

    I guess the easiest way is for me to send you a link to the staging site. Ignore all the styling etc cause it’s a work in progress: it’s for the Boat Name part at the top.

    That’s where I’m at with wp-ecommerce. For some reason they’ve coded the backend so that every variation has to get listed so for example you could get:

    • Size: Up to 20mm, Font: Agency, Colour: Blue, Shadow: Yes, Outline: Yes, Italics: Yes
    • Size: Up to 25mm, Font: Agency, Colour: Blue, Shadow: Yes, Outline: Yes, Italics: Yes
    • Size: Up to 30mm, Font: Agency, Colour: Blue, Shadow: Yes, Outline: Yes, Italics: Yes

    Etc, etc. 59280 variations 🙁

    I was looking at eShop earlier today but I haven’t given it a whirl yet. I’ve bought “phpurchase” and I’m going to have to modify all my jQuery and Cufon magic to see if that’ll work with phpurchase. It might not so if you think Eshop can handle it then please let me know cause if this doesn’t work then that’ll be my next option!

    Thanks Rich!



    Yeah a few option sets like that aren’t so bad.

    eShop doesn’t do the following:
    color choosing chart – though I have seen someone adapt eShop to do this
    automatic preview
    update price on the fly

    Personally I think in your situation I’d stick with what you have, and try and get the developers to look at the issues you are experiencing and see if they will fix them, or get someone in to fix it for you.

    Cheers Rich 🙂

    Yeah wp-ecommerce doesn’t do colour choosing chart either. That’s all jQuery stuff I’ve worked into it, same goes with the Font option too. If you look at that page with CSS turned off you’ll see all the wp-ecommerce fields i’ve hidden with CSS display:none and I’ve used jQuery to adjust the values of those fields with the .change() event. In terms of the frontend I am pushing the limits of ecommerce but that’s no real issue, it’s only the backend that’s failing me. I’ve tried to debug the memory issue with memory_get_usage() in PHP but because it’s all done through ajax it’s a pain in the butt to mod. I know I’d have to do some SERIOUS coding to address the issue!

    I was so close with it it’s not funny.

    Yeah, there are a stack of forum threads with people having the same issues as me but the dudes at wp-ecommerce ignore them cause it’s a know probably that they don’t seem to want to address 🙁

    I’m in the process of modding PHPurchase at the moment to work with all my crazy jQuery magic. If that fails then I’ll give eShop a whirl cause I can pretty easily add in some extra jQuery to pull in my auto preview and price update.

    Thanks heaps Rich. I appreciate your help and your time!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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