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  • Hi all

    I have a WordPress site which is the homepage for a supporter’s club for a football team. I need a member plugin for the following needs:

    1. I want the site to be open for EVERYBODY, but I would like to restrict some pages/posts for members only.
    2. I need the possibility to accept/approve members myself, as I only want paying members to have the previlege of the hidden content
    3. It needs to send e-mail to the user with login info when I have accepted him
    4. It needs to have a login widget available for the front page
    5. I must have the opportunity to add required fields upon registration, such as name, address and country.
    6. The plugin also needs to list the additional user information that I just mentioned

    I have checked a couple of member plugins, but so far I havent found any plugin that covers all my needs, only a few of them. I wouldnt mind paying for such a plugin, and I would give $50 for anyone that could help me to make or modify a plugin to my needs.

    I appreciate your help!

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  • This must be the least helpful forum in the history of the World Wide Web. I thing I’ve asked for help about ten times, and only received it once.

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