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  • I have a client that needs to display products with attributes, where the “products” are actually US States (alabama, wyoming, etc.) and the “attributes” are actually long copy descriptions of various service offerings within each state.

    I’ve setup a custom post type called “States” with each state as an individual post, and complete long copy for each service included with each state. Obviously that’s a lot of work and lot of redundant content.

    My next thought was to use another plugin to insert post content via shortcodes, where each shortcode references a specific post (i.e. service) something like this…

    -State A
    –[shortcode service=1]
    –[shortcode service=3]
    –[shortcode service=6]

    -State B
    –[shortcode service=2]
    –[shortcode service=3]
    –[shortcode service=5]

    This let’s me edit the service descriptions only once, which is a vast improvement. But I’d still like to improve the process.

    Ideally I’d like to have a one-stop-shop (i.e. plugin?) to create products (“states”) and assign attributes (“services”) from a single admin screen, and then have a drop-downlist of all the available products (states) in my main menu.

    I know I’m asking a lot, and what I’m looking for probably doesn’t exist exactly as I want. But can anyone point me in the right direction?

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