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  • First, the website in question:
    Purpose of the site: To display my writing online to
    include single-page poems and rants, to multiple page stories.

    I’m still in the designing phase of my personal website and finally have the look and overall basic funtionality that I want. I have the Header with logo, catchphrase and an awesome main menu listing the Top-
    Level Categories. Then the sidebar has a dynamic menu which lists
    the sub-categories based on which main category is chosen.

    For single-page entires (like poems and rants) the functionality is
    simple: link to the post and done. However, the problem arises with
    making navigation simple for things like 250-page stories. I came
    here because it was suggested to me that Joomla might better fit my
    needs than my current WordPress setup. (Which I’m also still learning)
    I come from having used Frontpage for years back in the day. This is my first outing with a CMS. I basically bastardized a couple of
    templates to achieve the layout I currently have and LOVE it, but I
    have to consider how best to implement my navigation and display needs,
    which might mean re-thinking the CMS I stick with.

    So, any suggests would be greatly appreciated. Would Joomla be better for what I plan to do with my site than WordPress? Or can WordPress
    easily accomplish what I’m after? And if so… how?
    Thanks, in advance.

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