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  • Hi,

    I could use some advice on which webstack to use, in order to build websites with WordPress.

    I have experience in Windows and Linux machines.

    Currently, I am using a localhost LAMP.

    Everything works great, but sometimes I get a bit upset by the time, in the wordpress dashboard, that some pages take to load, to edit, to save or publish. And not only pages, but also openning some meny entries, like the Appearance menu entry for example.

    Before, I used to develop using a live shared hosting.

    Then, I tried localhost LAMP, for the building stage, because I thought that it would be much faster.

    But, it is not much faster. It’s a bit faster, but not much.

    For example, when before a page took 5 to 6 seconds do edit, now it takes 3 to 4.

    And this is after I have increased substantially the memory limits and other settings in MariaDB and PHP config files.

    I expected it to be almost instantaneous or about 1 to 2 seconds, because of the processor and RAM I have.

    Today, I have tried installing Laragon in a Windows virtual machine, and it was a good surprise.
    It is slightly faster than using my localhost LAMP, but only slightly.
    Not the 1 second they advertise.
    There are some pages and meny entries that load quickly, in about 1 second, but they don’t count because they also load that fast in shared hosting.

    So, please give me your advice and share your thoughts.

    Is there a way to have almost instantaneous speed in wordpress page editing, etc, or I have to be patient because that’s the way it is?

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