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  • Greetings All!

    I’ve been using WordPress for a while now as a blog on a couple of personal sites. Only recently did I realize that I could use it to make static pages…and as a CMS system to hopefully allow some non-techie users to be able to edit their own webpages without my intervention.

    So, last week, I finished “absorbing” a particular non-profit’s site into WordPress. That is, I altered the template so that it matched the look of their existing site. Then, I deleted their old files and moved WordPress up to their root directory and slapped some 301 redirect statements into their .htaccess.

    I was quite happy with this. It remains to be seen how well their non-techies will be able to handle this. But there are only two such people. I figure I can coach them.

    Now, this all encouraged me to try to replicate my church’s website a la WordPress. I thought it would be fantastic to give them the ability to update their own pages via forms. (Previously, I’ve given them the ability to update them via email, but few of them have taken advantage of this.)

    What I’m worried about is managing the sheer number and variety of static pages. Mostly, I’m concerned with how to make a left-hand nav-bar directory that makes sense.

    You see, their current left-hand nav-bar collapses and expands. And, when you click on most of the top-level items in that menu, they aren’t linked to pages. The menu just expands at that point to reveal the linked pages. I’m not sure if there’s a way to do that in WordPress (even without the collapsing and expanding functionality) ??

    I searched through the plug-ins directory for various nav-bar menu manipulating plug-ins, but most of them are so heavy in Javascript, I really didn’t want to deal with them. Maybe I will in the end.

    But for right now, I’m just not sure how to create a left-hand nav-bar menu that’s made up of folders that ARE NOT pages, but INCLUDE pages underneath them.

    And yes, eventually, I’d like to get some LINKS in there.

    I guess I’d really like to see some example WordPress sites that are not being used as blogs… and see how they manage a heirarchy of pages with a left-hand nav-bar menu.


    -= Dave =-

    P.S. By the way, what’s up with the search box for the plug-ins? It totally stinks! I put in “+link +directory” and got back something like 95 pages. Couldn’t figure out how to search for JUST a phrase.

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