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  • Hi,

    I host some fiction for a friend on my domain. It’s just a simple html site and pretty easy to update, but only I can do it, not my pal. So I want to setup wordpress for him so he can update it himself.

    This is the site:

    The bulk of the content is organized like so:

    Book 1
    __chapter 1
    __chapter 2
    __chapter 3
    Book 2
    __chapter 4
    __chapter 5
    __chapter 6

    etc, etc… Each chapter is a post (and usually a really long one).

    What I need help with:

    I’m not really sure how I can replicate the navigation structure of the current site with wordpress. My first inclination is to make the ‘Books’ catagories and each chapter a post within – that makes sense. The problem here is that if a book category is clicked you get a single page with all the chapters instead of a list of the chapters and only the first chapter displayed.

    I’d like the main page to not show the chapters, but a single ‘welcome’ entry, as in the current site. How do you get the main page to display a wordpress Page.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Thanks for any help or ideas.


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  • Um, nevermind. I did some more thorough searches and found some ideas that I’m going to try. Looks like fun. Still, any further ideas welcome!

    This is not meant to be a bump! I tried to edit my original post but didn’t see how. Sorry. 😳

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