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  • Hi, I’m setting (well, trying to) set a wp website for a friend with some sort of e-commerce or shopping basket and I would like to ask around for some advice before planning the whole thing.

    .-He sells machined metal parts and has a very diverse stock and wants to put an e-shop / website with a shopping basket system.

    .-He needs to be able to check parts availability before taking an order. Unfortunatedly, because of the nature of the work, they are not geared to register and digitize the stock and any checks for availability are done manually once an order comes in.

    .- in short: what is needed is a e-comerc plug-in or shopping basket that register the parts order but don’t take any money untill they can asses manually whether they have the requested stock available. If the stock is available they will take the money and shipp; if the stock is not available they will return news of the rough timing when it could be available but take no money.

    Maybe this is very basic but I never used one of these plug ins and would like to go for one that allows this sort of flexibility accepting orders.

    Thanks a lot.

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