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  • I`m going to buy this template. What do you think about my choice?
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    Thank you in advice:)

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  • Depends on what you’re using it for. It looks like it’s geared toward vehicles but can easily be used for technology, gaming, or other entertainment.

    well, I mean not only the content of the template but the technical side as well

    If you’re concerned about the backend, I would choose a more well-known thememaker. Not saying that websitetemplates don’t do a good job but they simply don’t have the reputation as Thesis, WooThemes, ThemeForest, Frugal…just to name a few.

    do you want to pay more only for a lable? if you agree that make a good work, why should you choose another company only for its reputation? The main is what you get in the end, the result. Don`t you think so?



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    Yes, and that’s why some theme developers have made names for themselves, because they build above-average themes that people love and recommend, so word of mouth spreads.

    i agree with you, janeforshort. if the company is wellknown so in general it means that it makes good templates, has a good customer service and so on and so forth. so the prices for their services begin to rise. meanwhile the small companies, who are beginning their work or just have a small “customer community” on their site can also make good design but they are not so well known, so the prices for their services are lower, but it doesn`t mean they are worse. i think you should just be open to different propositions and check them and work only with good ones, independent of their reputation. what do you think?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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