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    I am looking for a recommendation for a movie format. I currently have a .m4v on my homepage as an introduction.(NOTE** my site is altered so that my home page is a static page). It is only there for place holding purposes and I plan to create a final version when I get this file format thing sorted out. The movie was created using iMovie 09 and I am able to convert it to whichever format best suits my needs. I am concerned that I will get a higher bounce rate if my homepage comes up on an ie browser without Quicktime and/or iTunes installed as .m4v is an Apple Quicktime format.

    In addition, my requirements for the movie are:

    1. Doesn’t show controls
    2. Starts up immediately
    3. Loops

    So far, it seems that either a .m4v, .mpg4 or .mov are the only formats that allow all these options. I have tried to embed this movie as an .flv as it seems to be the most compatable across platforms, but wp seems to have a serious issue with flash movies. I swear that I have tried every plugin I could find to get it to work, but there always seems to be some vague coding instructions like “put the code where it is most appropriate” which is not helpful.

    I do not wish to use YouTube or Vodpod type services as they embed the video with advertisements for their sites, and controllers. I have tried various slider creating plugins but have not seemed to find the one that will best suit my needs (primarily that I don’t have to code to use it). They all seem to want me to alter my page.php or index.php. Since I only want this movie to appear on one page, I don’t want to slow down the site by loading extra stuff onto each page via the template.

    Please have a look at my site at

    Thanks for any advice in advance.

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  • I am still looking for a recommendation. I am not a programmer, don’t want to be one. Just looking for help on this one issue.

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