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  • Hi there.

    Im gonna set up a picture blog. where people can add theres own pictures etc and they should not have to be members. so all should be able to do it throw a form or mail

    So what i need is a plugin that open a form,

    where they add some info, like

    Name, mail, city. age. Country

    after that, about 1 or more upload fields for pictures.

    and then a field for “info about the person”

    when pressing submit button, it should go to right to my wp admin as a draft so i need to approve it, and check so category is right etc

    if anyone know how to do that with plugin or email or any other way. i would be happy if you helped me out wiht a link or so..

    and if possible, it should look like this in the post

    In title

    “name” from “city” – “year” years – Country

    and in Post

    just the pictures they uploaded and the info they has added

    // The Spirit

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  • Don’t anyone have a clue how to solve my problem

    You do realize that by allowing anyone the ability to upload any sort of file, you open you and your space up to all sorts of security risks and you put the other folks on the same box at risk as well.

    There is a plugin that would let even non-registered visitors to submit a post (draft) for approval but as drmike said above nobody would write a plugin that would let such an open door to be exploited by hackers – i.e. letting them to upload.

    The plugin is here:

    drmike and moshu

    its the same as they where members, then they can upload pictures etc right ?

    i just wanna have it the same way, just that they dont need to be a regisrated members

    then it would be a securiry risk to let them be members too

    I could never find any sane reason why should I force anybody to register (aka become a “member”) at my blog. Maybe I am missing something 🙂

    Although that is still more innocent than letting anybody to upload stuff onto my site…

    well, i just wanted to make it easier for the people to upload thers pictures and info, like a form or something.

    So they dont need to become a member and submit theres info and upload pictures.

    my thought was that they just should be able to click a link a form comes up, fill in theres info, upload a pic that they wanna have submitted to the blog.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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