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  • I need to know if any of you are using or know of a shopping cart I can use where I can have a product with x price, and then have availble options/upgrades which the user selects that would increase
    the price depending on what they select. Example

    Base price = $x
    Upgrade 1 = $x + 10
    Upgrade 2 = $x + 20

    Does any one use a shopping cart where I can have products with options that determine the price of the product depending on what they select?

    I am attempting to use WP Ecommerce, but it doesn’t let me assign prices to my Variations… I am unsure if this is the shopping cart solution for me.

    Thanks in advance!


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  • This is exactly what I need for the website I’m building. Has there been any information on price variations?

    For example, I want customers to be able to choose whether they want a greeting card, an 8×10 print, or a bigger print of one particular image. It is highly inefficient to have to make separate products for the same image in different sizes, don’t you think?

    Any help is appreciated!



    If this helps, I often use Shopp when I set up ecommerce sites for people. It works great, is nice and stable, and I believe will fit exactly what you need. It costs $55, and unfortunately there isn’t a trial version, but I think it is worth every penny.

    P.S. Yes, you can set up variations which have different price points and all for the same product. I used it for a jewelry site, where gold was one price, sterling silver was another, etc – but it was all for the same necklace – therefore the same product.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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