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  • Hi,

    I set up my blog about four months ago. I bought and customised the Tasty theme from YooTheme.

    Recently, I received some negative feedback about my blog. The reviewer said the theme is not suited for long text posts (which is what I do).

    I’d like a second opinion and/or a recommendation for another WordPress theme.


    PS Please ignore the social media icons, I am going to change them.
    I’ve also taken down my logo as I need change it too.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    If you posted a link to your site that might let others see what you are talking about…

    It looks good but its very text heavy. I know that its info but can you add some graphics to bring in colour and break the page up a bit?

    your blog is nice but it’s too heavy, too many big images on homepage 🙂
    pls your review on my website too 🙂
    [Link removed. Please start your own topic.]

    Why you add big images? And when I click post title I can not see any image? Your images are at just homepage.


    Your site and content is good.. but i think you should reduce the width.. the images are too big. You should change the color of your tag line and menu bar at the top to make them more appealing.

    Also I think things like popular posts should be in the left or right side bar rather than being in the footer to attract audience read more in your website.

    In your reply box the two checkbox in the end after post comment button are not having any text please fix it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I changed the theme, reduced the image sizes and broke the text up.

    I am working on a fix for the buttons.

    The text is nicely broken up. I like the theme and the content, but the pictures are too large. There are a few things with the text that I saw –

    “an” fully… should be “a” fully. ..”on an ability” should be “with the ability” “Curious about who I’ve worked with?(dangling preposition) could be “Curious about my clients?”

    Hope that helps.



    It looks okay to me.

    When I creating a blog site H1 is always 24px and h2 is always 20px then the text is normally 14px. But its up to you.

    The images is too big it should optimized so it can load much easily.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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