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  • For one, it takes too looong to load, well, for me anyway. I’m on crap JUNO dialup sigh. I just didn’t bother to wait on it, to load that is.. sorry! =(





    Since you asked ..

    1. too many ads
    1a. theres an even an ad forcing me to scroll horizontally (its in the upper right hand corner. wtf.
    1b. theres an even an ad right in front of where I am “sposed” to be reading.
    2. no organization

    Im sorry, thats just ugly. It looks like you tossed it together with no thought whatsoever.
    The header doesnt “work”. The total sidebar and especially all those syndication images looks sloppy.

    It looks like a splog, not something youre actually putting out there for people to enjoy reading.

    I wont be clicking back, ever. You could have, and should have done alot more to that before putting it up for review.

    Lastly, I really dislike sites that attempt SEO shit at the cost of real content. Your about page is useless to the reader. Its chock full of keywords, and you know this. Why not call it what is — a “strictly for SEO” page.

    Crap site.

    Unless someone else wants to pile on, dont bother clicking.

    first of all thats an rss feed in the top right corner.
    and the about page is not for SEO.
    It’s about my page. duh.
    and there’s plenty of content to read on the page.
    It’s not my fault you’re too lazy to read or incapable of reading.




    honestly, I dont care what you want to call that crap in the upper right hand corner — it LOOKS like an ad, AND its poorly placed. AND its not your own content.

    As for the “just for seo” page — is that so?

    How many times do you mention “tech..” on that page?

    Lets see:

    Techblology is the science of blogging for technology.Years of college education is not needed to become a techblologist. A tech blog is designed to provide information on the latest technology, computers, gadgets, games, ipods, cellphones, software, tech news, electronics, and anything else under the tech umbrella. Techblology studies computer technology and the latest software and hardware upgrades needed to keep your pc running at optimal performance. It analyzes the latest upgrades and enhancements for mobile phones and pda devices. Whether itโ€™s ringtones, wallpapers, or other accessories to make the most of your cell phone. A technology blog is also the source for hardcore gamers who want the latest tips, tricks, cheats, news, and new releases for video games and video game systems. Techblology is geek central for technology news and entertainment

    wow, I really needed to know that. not. Useless, sorry.

    And finally, dont get snarky or rude, just because I’ve said your site is ugly and looks like a splog. You asked, and you said you could take it, duh.

    12 year olds ought to be banned from the Internet.

    yes I said I could take criticism.
    What you posted wasn’t criticism.
    It looked like a whiny rant from a 12 year old.
    It wasn’t constructive whatsoever. Maybe you should pick up a dictionary and learn the difference between constructive criticism and childish fodder.
    Clearly you have no clue how to review a website as everybody can see that you’re too lazy and incapable of reading and don’t know the difference between ‘ads’ and ‘content’
    I put rss feeds on my site because they are relevant to my site.
    Learn some basic reading skills before you review another site please.
    Oh by the way,
    I took out some of the words on my about page just for you, so you could save some brain cells.

    Please! Keep things civil here people! This doesn’t need to turn into a flame thread, whooami was just pointing out somethings she thought needed addressed, FROM a constructive criticism point of view..

    It’s her way of doing that, so, please take it with a grain of salt, and wait for others to chip in too! Good luck!


    it was not constructive.
    if she didn’t like the header or didn’t like the placement of rss feeds then constructive criticism would of consisted of suggestions on how to make the heading and rss feeds look better.
    but instead this moron just said it was ugly and resorted to other insults.
    so if the moron wants to keep posting illiterate responses then she will keep feeling my wrath.

    Just saying though, if things keep going down hill, in the wrong direction, of the whole purpose of the original intentions.. it will be CLOSED.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    VERY IMPORTANT you site layout seem very small in 800*600

    i belive in 1024*768 or higer will look very tiny




    lol, my criticism was very constructive.. you just chose to ignore it.

    Need some more? How about using some of your own content?

    Instead of using this:



    Your site is a splog. Nothing else, nothing more.

    You posted this thread to :”strut your stuff”. That typically means youve taken the time to actually provide something to the reader that might be enjoyable. Which you havent.

    I also think there are too many ads. But I’ve seen a lot worse. (Contentmart is definitely worse.)

    The horizontal scrolling is a bad thing. I’m at 1024×768 and shouldn’t have to scroll (at least not THAT far) horizontally. You need to get that content in the other column or rework the layout to make it all fit.

    Also, you shouldn’t ask for comments unless you’re ready to take the baad with the good. If you expected people to praise the site to high heaven, your expectations were wrong. The site isn’t anything special at all. When you ask for comments, you’re far more likely to get negative ones (as in “you need to fix this”) than positive.

    And while I think your primary commenter may have been a bit harsh, I pretty much agree with most of his/her comments.

    I know everybody wasn’t going to praise my site.
    the site hasn’t been around for years.
    I just started last week so I know it’s not perfect.
    But like I said,
    I can take any criticism as long as it’s constructive.
    whooami provided no substance whatsoever.
    Just rants and insults,
    and that’s not what I asked for when I asked for crticism.
    OH by the way whooami,
    I just looked at your site,
    and you are the last person to try to insult somebody else’s work.

    When asking for feedback that doesn’t mean you have to answer every post in that thread. We are NOT interested in your defensive replies.

    As another mod “promised” above – this will be closed.

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