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  • need a working Audio video player for the version I’m on without 3 areas of settings without linked audio by other people, or you cant remove the configs and have your own made after it asked to created then delete and it replaces your config over riding your settings.

    i need a player that is fitting for this version of word press a player that’s not gonna cost me to use like jw so you can make money from sales that’s illegal, jw is free for none commercial uses i know better. I don’t like the embedded wp player i want it to be-able to post on front page “none i have found that’s so called popular” of the blog including the page of the post and or can pop out in a window by it self.
    and no you will not have access to do noting on my word press “some will ask for that access to help so called settings for me, and no no no you may not invade my privacy”

    i have tried all these so called populated players, not one that i have had i would even pay money to have made, id trash them if i was you. tirraplayer? that was a joke, this one I’m sorry! but you need to focus the settings in one area and make the widget proper to fit all the settings you have scattering all of the dang site includes the widget that don’t set with the config files at all.

    makes it useless to have a word press with messed up sorts of plugins not fitting for the version it is now, i want to see plugins of now not last years version or prior version before the new one im on now.

    I have asked wordpress to sort out the correct plugins for the version of wordpress that is new i see its not done.

    this is why i never like word press for a long time. least if i go to other places they have a section for the versions of systems set out strictly for the plugins that will work for that version running or stably running.

    no i come here i have to install check, test, then delete all the time cause there isn’t one working proper player at all.

    i should not have to make a load of setting fixes to them and I refuse to do your work. again I’ll make this clear! if i have to mod a plugin your name and editing rights are mine you will no longer own that right to say you made it if i have to re mod the plugins.

    Yes I’m very disappointed in devs now days -shakes head- time to pull up the real old school devs i know whose plugins work for all word press versions.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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